Whiteley Publishing

Whiteley Publishing Ltd is a new publishing house that has been set up to cater for new authors who wish to have their work published (either print or electronic).

The company was set up to help new authors after the founder, Mark Whiteley, found how difficult it was to get his textbook published through traditional channels. Established publishing houses tend to favour celebrities or guaranteed high-volume books which make it very difficult for a new author to break into publishing.
In addition, ‘vanity publishing’ can cost a new author a lot of money for very little return. Some of the new ways of publishing, using semi-automated online solutions or only electronic books (e-books) often leave a new author without any promotion, without a publishing company behind them and sometimes not even an ISBN.
Therefore, Whiteley Publishing Ltd was set up in 2011 by the managing director, Emily Whiteley, with a view to helping new authors get into print and e- books with their books being available on Amazon and on the Kindle as a minimum. In addition, Whiteley Publishing Ltd can provide ISBN’s for all of its published books and e-books, ensuring that they can be ordered through any regional or local bookshop anywhere in the world.
As a principal, and to help new authors, Whiteley Publishing Ltd does not charge authors anything for getting a book into print or electronic format, but will pay royalties to the author for every book sold. As such this ensures that new authors take no financial risk at all when publishing through Whiteley Publishing Ltd.
We hope that Whiteley Publishing Ltd will help a new generation of authors fulfil their dreams and get into print and e-books.