For the public/patients

The College of Phlebology provides information about veins, venous conditions and treatment on its network of websites. It also provides products for sale that are relevant to veins and venous disease.

In addition, The College of Phlebology provides a searchable directory of its members (MCPhlebs) and fellows (FCPhlebs), sorted geographically, to allow the public and patients to find members and fellows who practice in specific geographical areas.
When looking up members and fellows of The College of Phlebology, it is important to know the difference between members (MCPhleb) and Fellows (FCPhleb) of the College.
To be a FCPhleb (Fellow of The College of Phlebology) a professional must treat, or be involved in diagnosing or treating varicose veins, venous reflux disease and leg ulcers as well as the more superficial thread veins. This is in contrast to the MCPhleb (Member of The College of Phlebology) who treats only thread veins of the legs and not any underlying venous reflux disease.