For health care specialists

Anyone treating leg thread veins or who want to treat leg thread veins can join The College of Phlebology as a Member (MCPhleb) and, on payment of an annual subscription, will have access to the latest news and information from the vein world, access to training videos in endovenous techniques, access to discussion groups and access to experts to ask any difficult clinical questions.

It is totally voluntary for professionals and The College of Phlebology has decided not to try to regulate or examine its members or fellows. Rather than try to stop professionals from treating veins through regulation, the aim of The College of Phlebology is to provide information, education and support to assist all of its members (MCPhlebs) and fellows (FCPhlebs) as much as possible in their knowledge and practice, so that they are able to provide the very latest and best treatments to their patients, and perform such services, as well as they can.
As such, The College of Phlebology cannot vouch for any of its members or fellows. As it does not examine nor regulate any of its members or fellows, it cannot be held responsible for any clinical advice or outcomes from investigation or treatment. However by providing as much information, education and support as possible, its members and fellows have access to some of the best information available on understanding veins, venous conditions and venous treatments as well as access to some of the leading vein experts in the world.
As such, members and fellows of The College of Phlebology have taken a positive step forwards to demonstrate their dedication to the subject and their wish to advance further in their chosen field.