venous eczema symptoms

Signs and symptoms of venous eczema:

Severe venous eczema
Venous eczema is usually found in the lower legs. Patches of venous eczema are usually on the inner aspects of the lower legs, just below the calf but above or at the ankle.

The patches of venous eczema are usually red, but are sometimes brown if the eczema has been there a long time, and the skin can be flaky if it has been scratched. The patches are usually a few centimetres in diameter but can be smaller or larger depending on the underlying venous condition.

Occasionally venous eczema can be seen higher up the leg, even around the knee or lower thigh, if it is lying directly over a varicose vein.

In most cases, true venous eczema will be restricted to the legs only. If there is eczema elsewhere on the arms or body, then any eczema found on the legs is less likely to be venous.

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