Thread veins – Symptoms

What are the symptoms of thread veins?

Thread veins scattered on thigh
Thread veins of the legs can be seen by the naked eye, and it is usually the appearance of them that makes patients seek help.
Although the thread veins themselves rarely give any symptoms, research has shown that they can be indicative of an underlying problem. Therefore thread veins of the legs should never be thought of as “only a cosmetic problem”. Instead they should stimulate the patient to see a vein specialist who should be investigating to see if there is an underlying problem. Only after an underlying problem has been found and treated, or investigations have confirmed there is no underlying problem, should the leg thread veins be treated.
Occasionally patients get aching in their thread veins, or they can be tender to the touch. In almost every such case, there is underlying venous reflux (“hidden varicose veins“) which is allowing blood to fall back down the veins on standing, flowing out into the thread veins, stretching the walls and causing the symptoms.

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