The Clinical Exchange

Since opening our doors in 2009, The Clinical Exchange has trained over one hundred doctors, surgeons and medical specialists in the treatment of varicose veins, thread veins, and many other aspects of office based surgery.
With our expert trainers (led by Mr Mark Whiteley, consultant vascular surgeon), and their in depth knowledge of the vascular system, and the particular conditions that can affect the veins of the leg, we teach all of the procedures that you need to set up your own varicose vein clinic.

The Clinical Exchange has employed the most up to date technology including our 2 way live link to the adjoining CQC approved medical facility with high-definition cameras and a crystal clear audio connection for real time feedback and Q&A sessions.

For more information on our courses, please visit or contact us on
To see examples of the procedures, we have a range of video clips –
We offer DVDs detailing the procedures being performed, and they can either be purchased individually through our website, or are included within the cost of any training course (the DVD will be of the relevant procedure for the training).
Please note though they are only intended as an adjunct to the training course and not training videos.