FCPhleb – Fellow of The College of Phlebology

The letters FCPhleb after a name stand for “Fellow of the College of Phlebology”.
The right to use the letters FCPhleb after a specialists name is granted by The College of Phlebology to its members who satisfy the requirements to be a Fellow of the College,  No one else has been granted the right to use these letters.
Anyone using the letters FCPhleb after their name will appear on The College of Phlebology website and can be found through the “specialist search” facility.
If you encounter someone using the letters FCPhleb after their name, and they do not appear on the College of Phlebology as a registered Fellow, please inform us so that we can check their status. Please also notify the person concerned that you have reported the matter and so they can check that their subscription is up-to-date or have a chance to stop using the letters if they do not have the right to.