Pelvic Congestion Syndrome


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Professor Mark Whiteley has published a book on Pelvic Congestion Syndrome – Chronic Pelvic Pain and Pelvic Venous Disorders. One of the ONLY publications available based on this condition.

This book is for anyone with the following

  • Suspected pelvic congestion syndrome
  • aching of dragging in the pelvis when standing or sitting that gets better when lying down
  • deep discomfort on sexual intercourse that nobody can find a cause for
  • low abdominal pain, central, right or left, that no one can find a cause for
  • leg varicose veins with varicose veins arising from the top of the thigh near the vulva/vagina
  • varicose veins of the vulva/labia/vagina
  • varicose veins around the perineum or buttocks or backs of thighs
  • haemorrhoids.

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