Microsclerotherapy – How it’s performed

How is microsclerotherapy performed?

Once the leg veins have been scanned and any underlying hidden varicose veins or feeding veins have been treated, microsclerotherapy can then be started.
Using a very good light and magnifying lens or glasses, the treating professional will insert a needle into the thread vein (or spider vein) to be treated. Some people prefer to use a very fine needle connected directly to the syringe containing the microsclerotherapy solution; other people prefer to insert a very fine needle with a tube attached to it into the vein first. In this latter case, the needle is held in the vein either by fingers or tape and a syringe is then used to pump microsclerotherapy solution down the tube and through the needle.
Once the needle is inside the vein, the microsclerotherapy solution is injected through the needle to fill the vein and flush any blood out of the vein. On the surface this can be seen by the thread vein disappearing. The rate that the solution is injected is determined by this flushing. The injection is performed as slowly as possible whilst completely flushing all of the blood out of the thread veins to be treated.
There are different solutions used and the technique varies a little depending on which solution has been chosen. Some solutions act immediately, and as soon as the injection has been started the needle is withdrawn and compression is placed on the area. Other sclerosant solutions are slower acting and need to be injected over several seconds to have a successful result. In these cases, a slow injection is performed and at the appropriate time, compression is placed upon the thread vein and the needle is withdrawn.
Whichever technique has been used, multiple areas are treated as required and, at the end of the session, graduated pressure stockings are placed on the leg or legs that have been treated. The graduated pressure stockings should have been measured and ordered before the treatment began to ensure optimal compression.
The graduated compression stockings are then worn for 14 days and nights to achieve an optimal result, with the final cosmetic result being seen at three months.

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