Search and Discover Preprints

CoP Preprints allows for search of content hosted on the CoP and across several other preprint servers to make discovering preprints easy. This article shows the ways you can search and browse preprints. Preprints search is powered by SHARE.

Outside of searching on the preprint servers, preprints are also indexed in Google Scholar and SHARE.

2. Browse by subject area

You can browse preprints by subject area without entering a search query.

Go to the CoP Preprints or community preprint server's homepage. Scroll down until the "Browse by subject" section appears.

Click a subject name from the list.cop preprint 31

3. Filter by provider and subject

The subjects that are custom to a preprint server will not be listed as subject filters on the CoP Preprints "Discover" page. Those preprints that are tagged with the custom subjects will be aggregated in CoP Preprints, but the custom subjects themselves will only be searchable via the respective preprint server.

Add filters from the left sidebar menus to refine your search. You can search by preprint provider and/or by subject.

Check the box next to a provider or subject name. You can click the > symbol to expand subject hierarchies. Search results will appear automatically.cop preprint 32

4. Sort results

You can click the Sort by menu in the top right of the page to sort results by relevance or date.

Search results will be sorted accordingly.


Edit Your Preprint

1. Open the preprint editor

First, open your preprint page, then click the green Edit preprint button in the top right.

cop preprint 33

The "Edit Preprint" page will appear.

cop preprint 35

2. File

Upload a new version of your preprint

All versions are saved. See Download Previous Versions Of Preprints for more detail.

Click the File section to edit the preprint file.

Then, click the Preprint File link to upload a new version.  

cop preprint 36

Drag and drop the new version into the upload box, then click Save and continue.

The new version of your preprint will be labeled according to the version number.

cop preprint 37
Edit your preprint title

Click the File section to edit the preprint file.

Then, click the Preprint Title link to edit your preprint title.

cop preprint 38

Edit the title of your preprint in the "Title" field, then click Save and continue.

3. Basics

Update the license, DOI, publication date, tags, and abstract in the respective fields.

Then, click Save and continue.

cop preprint 39

4. Discipline

To add a discipline, select one from the list. To remove a discipline, click the white X.

Then click Save and continue.

cop preprint 40

5. Authors

  1. You can add more co-authors by typing their names into the search box. If your co-authors have accounts on the OSF, their names will appear below the "Results" section. If they don’t have an account on the CoP, you can add them as unregistered contributor by clicking the blue Add author by email address button. Click the green Add button to add additional co-authors.
  2. You can reorder authors by clicking the icon with 3 bars to the left of the author's name, and then dragging and dropping the names into the correct order.
  3. You can modify authors' permissions and indicate whether or not they should appear in citations.
  4. You can also remove authors by clicking the red X to the right of the author.

Then click Continue.

cop preprint 41

6. Add or remove supplemental materials

If you're adding supplemental materials, jump ahead to the Connect An Existing CoP Project or Create A New CoP Project sections.

Add supplemental materials to your preprint by storing them in an CoP project that will be connected to your preprint.

Change The Connected Project

Choose this option if your supplemental materials are stored in a project different from the one you originally connected.

Click Change the connected project.

cop preprint 42

Then choose to either connect an existing CoP project or create a new CoP project.

Connect An Existing CoP Project

Click the Connect an existing CoP project button.

cop preprint 43Select a project from the drop-down menu.
cop preprint 44
Then click Save and continue.
Create A New CoP Project

Click the Create a new CoP project button.

cop preprint 45A default title will be given to the project. The title can be modified in the "Project title" field.

Then click Save and continue.

Disconnect the project

Do you have supplemental files that you want to remove from your preprint? Select this option to disconnect the project that is storing the files from your preprint.

Click Disconnect the project.

cop preprint 46

The project and supplemental materials will be disconnected from you preprint.

7. Update

When you're finished editing your preprint, click the Return to preprint button at the bottom of the page.

cop preprint 47

Your preprint will be updated.

cop preprint 48

Download Previous Versions of Preprints

Version control tracks and preserves changes made to a file over time. Versioning is available on preprints uploaded to CoP Preprints or a community preprint provider, enabling you to download and compare versions of preprints over time.

First, open the preprint that you want to view.

cop preprint 49

Then click the Download previous versions menu below the file viewer.

cop preprint 50

Select a version from the menu (versions are listed in reverse chronological order, with 1 being the first version).

The selected version will be downloaded onto your computer for you to read.

Endorse a Preprint

CoP Preprints and the community preprint services integrate with Plaudit - a third-party tool - to allow you to publicly endorse a work, giving the authors and readers insight into the work's potential value. Plaudit is available on all community preprint services hosted on CoP .

Endorsing a work via Plaudit requires an ORCID account, which identifies the endorser. A CoP account is not required to endorse a work via Plaudit. Endorsements are displayed on the preprint as well as fed into Crossref Event Data, to help scholars understand a more full picture of how research connects.

  • Add An Endorsement
  • Login To Plaudit
  • View An Endorsement

Add an endorsement

First, open the preprint that you want to endorse, then click the Plaudit button to the right of the preprint.

cop preprint 51

Next, choose which endorsements you want to give by checking the box corresponding to robustclear, and/or exciting. Then, click the check mark box to endorse.

cop preprint 52

Login to Plaudit

If you're not logged into Plaudit, you'll be redirected to authenticate via ORCID. An ORCID account is required to endorse a preprint via Plaudit, but an CoP account is not required.

cop preprint 53

Login to ORCID and you'll be returned to the preprint page, with your endorsement added.

View endorsements

cop preprint 54

The names of endorsers appear next to the Plaudit button. If all of the endorsements do not fit on the page, clicking and x others will take you to a listing of all endorsers. Clicking an endorser's name takes you to a page listing all of their endorsements.

Cite Preprints

Learn how to cite a preprint by following this help guide!

  • APA, MLA, Or Chicago Styles
  • Generate Other Styles

Use APA, MLA, or Chicago

First, open the preprint that you want to cite.

Then scroll down to the"Citations" section on the right. APA, MLA, and Chicago styles are listed by default.

cop preprint 55 (1)

Copy and paste the citation into your bibliography.

Generate other styles

To generate a different citation style, click inside the menu, and type in the citation style that you want to use.

cop preprint 56

The citation will be generated below the menu.

Copy and paste the citation into your bibliography.

Withdrawing a Preprint

Because preprints are part of the scholarly record, they cannot be deleted. However, preprints can be withdrawn, removing the content but leaving behind basic metadata like title, authors, and the reason for withdrawal, if the author chooses to provide it.

  • Withdrawing An Accepted Preprint From A Pre-Moderation Service
  • Withdrawing A Pending Preprint From A Pre-Moderation Service 

Withdrawing An Accepted Preprint From A Pre-Moderation Service

Withdrawing an accepted manuscript from a pre-moderation service requires the approval of a moderator. Your preprint will remain publicly visible until your withdrawal request is approved.

cop preprint 59

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and add a message indicating why you'd like to withdraw your preprint. This message will display on your preprint page if your withdrawal request is approved. Click "Withdraw Preprint."

cop preprint 60

cop preprint 61

Withdrawing A Pending Preprint From A Pre-Moderation Service

Preprints in the pending state can be withdrawn from a Pre-Moderated service immediately, and do not require moderator approval.

Preprint Analytics

Each preprint is equipped with a download, and view counter. Please note that these counters exclude downloads and views by contributors of the preprint. 

cop preprint 57

Preprint views: 

Preprint views analytics can be found here on your preprint. When a preprint is viewed by a user that is not a contributor to the project, the view count will increase by 1.

Preprint downloads: 

Preprint download analytics can be found here on your preprint. 

When a preprint is downloaded by a user that is not a contributor to the project, the view count will increase by 1.

cop preprint 58

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