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    Honorary Academic Positions

    The College of Phlebology is now inviting applications for honorary academic positions.

Invitation To Apply For Honorary Academic Positions At The College Of Phlebology​

The College of Phlebology is an international professional organisation that was founded in 2011 with a focus on venous disease. The College of Phlebology aims to promote research, teaching and the dissemination of information regarding venous disease to interested professionals and the public..

When defining “venous disease” please note this includes:

– varicose veins
– telangiectasia (thread veins/spider veins)
– venous leg ulcers
– pelvic congestion syndrome (pelvic venous disorder)
– aesthetic phlebology
– thrombosis or phlebitis

The College of Phlebology is now inviting applications for honorary academic positions from medical, nursing or scientific professionals who work in the field of venous disease.

The honorary positions that are currently available for those who satisfy the criteria are:

Honorary Lecturer
Honorary Senior Lecturer
Honorary Associate Professor
Honorary Professor

Expected level of academic achievement for each position:

Criteria for application:

 Applicants must be current members of the College of Phlebology and in good standing with the College of Phlebology and their membership fees paid up to date.

How to apply :

Applications can be made by email info@collegeofphlebology.com or by post to “The College of Phlebology, 3 Stirling Park, Stirling Road, Surrey Research Park, Guildford GU2 7RF, United Kingdom.

Please include:

– A letter stating your application for an academic title, your name, address, email address and your College of Phlebology membership number

– A current CV unabridged and with all the information that you wish us to consider

– Any other supporting information or documentation that you wish to send to support your application

Upon receipt of your application we will confirm that your application has arrived and will then keep you informed throughout the review process.

Important Notes And Disclaimer:


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