Gold Membership is an extra service that you can add on to your standard membership (MCPhleb), fellowship (FCPhleb), or clinic membership.
When a member of the public uses our Specialist Search feature to find their closest treatment provider, in popular areas, there may be a large number of specialists that all provide a similar service.
Gold Members are placed in a special section atthe top of search results of local specialists/clinics, therefore being the first that the public will see, and being placed higher in the ‘search rankings’.
This is also true for instances where you may not be the closest treatment provider. If a member of the public is looking for a treatment provider to treat their varicose veins with Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), and has put a search radius of 100 miles, there may be 5 specialists who are within 10-20 miles of the search point. However if a Gold Member is 80 miles away, they will be placed above the other specialists in the Gold Membership section.
The cost of Gold Membership is £95 per year, and is available to MCPhlebs, FCPhlebs, and clinics. This can either be purchased during the registration stage, or if you have already registered, go to your ‘Edit Profile’ page from the ‘For Specialists’ menu, and you are able to add Gold Membership to your profile from there.