How to promote yourself using The College of Phlebology

Through the Specialist Search

As shown on the right hand side of this page, The College of Phlebology provides a free service for the general public so they can find their local member of The College of Phlebology. This applies to both MCPhlebs and FCPhlebs but not to AMPhlebs.
Every member’s profile is displayed on our ‘Specialist Search’ based upon their geographical location, and the services they provide. Therefore if somebody in Paris requires a specialist to treat their varicose veins, they input their postcode (or let their internet browser automatically determine where they are using geo-location technology) and our specialist search can show the nearest CoP members that will be able to help them. This service is available worldwide, so whether you treat thread veins in Hong Kong, or leg ulcers in Madrid, you will be found by the people that need you.
In order to make your profile as attractive to the public as possible, be sure to update it regularly with your professional website, any new procedures/treatments you provide (as you learn them), and pictures to give the best possible portrayal of the service that they can expect to receive if they choose you.
If you are a trainee member of The College of Phlebology, your details will be shown within the Specialist Search, however your full profile will not be accessible. Profiles are only accessible for MCPhlebs and FCPhlebs.
Gold membership puts your listing higher than the other profiles in the Specialist Search, and therefore as with any search listings, makes your profile more accessible for people who are checking the list quickly. More information about Gold membership can be found through the link on the right hand side of this page.
Every member’s profile is searchable by the search engines, so ensuring it is as up to date as possible is essential for giving the fairest representation of the services you provide.

In your practice

For every year of valid membership, each MCPhleb, AMPhleb and FCPhleb will receive their membership certificate which can be displayed in your place of work.
By putting this on display it shows your patients and any visitors to your premises that you are committed to the latest news and staying up to date with the best techniques for different procedures.