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    CoP Preprints

    A Preprint service for Venous Diseases Maintained By The College Of Phlebology.

What are preprints?

A preprint is the manuscript copy of an article that is going to be sent to peer-reviewed journals for consideration and peer review. Preprints are generally shared through specialized preprint servers like CoP Preprints.

The advantages to submitting your paper to a pre-print server are:

You get a permanent DOI for your work

The DOI proves on what date you submitted your work so that in the future, you can show your priority in case peer review rejects your work or takes a long time to accept it

You get a permanent DOI for your work

Most reputable peer-reviewed journals allow you to submit papers previously submitted to pre-print servers provided you supply the DOI as part of the submission process.

Your DOI allows your work to be found and cited before it is peer-reviewed and published - usually many months before!

Your work is searchable by Google and academic databases as a pre-print (non-peer reviewed) paper