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LEONARDO®-Laser Family from biolitec

The LEONARDO®-Laser Family from biolitec: High-quality diode lasers for the gentle and effective treatment of varicose veins with ELVeS Radial 2ring™-fibers.
With ELVeS® Radial biolitec offers you state-of-the-art laser technology for the gentle and effective treatment of varicose veins. Whether tributary veins, great and small saphenous veins, teleangiectasia or laser valvuloplasty – biolitec provide you with the appropriate laser and suitable accessories. The LEONARDO®-Laser Family from biolitec are high-quality diode lasers for the gentle and effective treatment of varicose veins with ELVeS Radial 2ring-fibers. The unique FUSION® technology guaranteeing highest quality of our fibers by fusing, not gluing the cap to the fiber.
Our new LEONARDO® 45 laser is the most versatile and universal medical laser in the market today. This highly compact diode laser features a wavelenght of 1470 nm, which is ideal for the use in phlebology. You will benefit from a user-friendly, versatile, universal and economic technology.
Our fibers match perfectly with the LEONARDO® laser. Our classic is ELVeS Radial. But evolution continues. Our effort to achieve a unique system in terms of safety and flexibility for the endoluminal treatment of varicose veins has led to our new 2ring fiber technology. ELVeS Radial 2ring splits the power in two phases which leads to an effective closure of the vein.
For the treatment of superficial venous reflux on perforator veins and small saphenous veins we have designed ELVeS Radial slim. There is the right fiber for any situation. And as our FUSION® technology does not simply glue, but firmly fuses the silica glass cap to the fiber, the loss of the cap within the vein is prevented and thus serious complications during treatment as well. With us, you choose treatment with the highest possible safety level available.
Our new LEONARDO® Mini is the response to the high demand for a space-saving, economical, and at the same time versatile device, that also meets the high quality standards of biolitec. The just 900 grams light model is available in three different versions that meet all individual treatment requirements: LEONARDO® Mini Dual, LEONARDO® Mini 1470nm and LEONARDO® Mini Athletic.