Research techniques and treatments for leg veins are advancing at an unpresented rate, so it’s no surprise that this topic formed a significant focus at this year’s annual International Veins Meeting.

Throughout the three day conference, a spotlight was placed on four of our incredible title sponsors and the latest innovations to treat leg veins – ClariVein® by Vascular Insights, AngioDynamics, Boston Scientific and Venclose™.

At last year’s meeting delegates gained a fantastic insight into the ClariVein® technique via a live stream procedure performed by Professor Mark Whiteley. Due to the success of this seminar – ClariVein® returned as a sponsor for a second year running, with another live demonstration also following suit – performed by Professor Mark Whiteley, at The Whiteley Clinic, during day two.

Under the guidance of Ultrasound Sonographer, Lyn Davis, delegates were able to experience the ClariVein® device being pulled back 1cm every 7 seconds in the great saphenous vein. The device is based on a wire that rotates inside the vein, and sclerotherapy solution then closes the damaged vein. Unlike laser and radiofrequency, ClariVein® only needs one local anaesthetic injection per vein treated, and during the procedure no heat is used, therefore there is no risk of burns to the skin or nerves for patients.

Via a live link microphone, Professor Whiteley was able to field questions from delegates whilst undertaking the procedure.

The ClariVein® device is fully disposable, is provided sterile for single patient use, and is minimally invasive. It offers many patient benefits including minimal post-operative pain and faster recovery.

The Venclose™ procedure was another prominent topic of conversation throughout the 2018 International Veins Meeting. As a technology leading the way in endovenous surgery, and the next generation of RF endovenous ablation technology, Venclose™ offers the benefit of RF therapy and improves the concept by introducing rapid power-up, and a proprietary EVSRF Endovenous Sectional Radiofrequency™ catheter.

This compact and powerful system with its 10 and 2.5 cm segments and a smaller 6F profile allows you to advance up tortuous routes, treating both long and short vein sections in one or multiple veins during a patient procedure. Designed from the clinical observations and feedback of hundreds of veins specialists, this revolutionary design more easily delivers patient treatments while reducing the time and costs associated with an in-vein procedure.

During day three of the International Veins Meeting, delegates had the opportunity to watch the first ever Venclose™ procedure performed in the UK. Mr Sameh Dimitri was joined by Chief Sonographer and American CoP Winner, Judy Holdstock, to carry out a live Thermoablation treatment using a Venclose™ Catheter – which received a great response from all attendees’ present.

Insight from leading medical supplies provider AngioDynamics Inc., was also shared at the 2018 International Veins Meeting.

AngioDynamics have a fantastic range of innovative, minimally invasive medical devices used by professional healthcare providers for vascular disease and oncology. The diverse product line includes market-leading ablation systems, fluid management systems, vascular access products and venous products.

Three fantastic demonstrations, sponsored by and featuring AngioDynamics products, were featured throughout the three-day meeting – as well as an insightful AngioDynamics workshops outlining some of their key products/devices, and information about how they can improve patient outcomes.