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The International Veins Meeting continues with more live cases and great educational talks

The second day of the College of Phlebology 1st International Veins Meeting was underway by 08.00 with a packed schedule across the Auditorium, Leg Ulcer Charity and the Science and Aesthetics Lecture Rooms.
The focus in the Auditorium today being Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, providing delegates with a mix of presentations and live streaming from The Whiteley Clinic Bond Street.

Professor Mark Whiteley introduced the day and launched a new Pelvic Congestion Syndrome patient information leaflet that provides an in-depth overview of the condition. The comprehensive leaflet also includes a patient account from Heather Scott who successfully had pelvic vein embolization at The Whiteley Clinic in January 2016.

Heather then spoke to delegates in the Auditorium and shared her experiences of the condition and the struggle to have her symptoms accurately diagnosed, prior to being referred to The Whiteley Clinic

Judy Holdstock chaired a fascinating session that focused on TransVaginal scanning. The busy auditorium were able to watch live streaming of a patient being scanned at the central London clinic.

Using previous video footage of a PCS patient, Judy was then able to provide more detail about the anatomy and specifics of this patient and her condition whilst fielding questions from delegates.

The patient being scanned had twice recurrent varicose veins of the legs before referral to The Whiteley Clinic.

The afternoon will continue looking at Pelvic Congestion Syndrome with two live procedures by Doctor David Beckett, supported by Julie Beckett and Rob Barwell.