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Spotlight on… ‘Mr Veins’, Sergio Gianesini

The College of Phlebology is delighted to be joined at the 2018 International Veins Meeting by Professor Sergio Gianesini – Clinical Lecturer in Cardiovascular Surgery at the University of Ferrara in Italy.

It’s safe to say that Professor Gianesini has had an illustrious career so far – resulting in him gaining the nickname, ‘Mr Veins’.

In addition to his role at the University of Ferrara, Professor Gianesini currently holds posts at a number of other high profile institutions across the world, including Adj Assistant Professor at Bethesda-USUHS University in the USA, Invited Professor at UCES University in Argentina, and Instructor of Venous Haemodynamics at the Claudiana University in Italy, to name but a few.

Professor Gianesini is also a board member and international Committee Chair for the American College of Phlebology, and to date has spoken at 105 international meetings on the topic of phlebology and lymphology – with his attendance to the 2018 International Veins Meeting event being number 106!

As part of his ongoing study, Professor Gianesini has authored over 50 scientific papers, co-authored 3 textbooks on the topic of venous haemodynamics, and co-edited a textbook on the same subject. As testament to his pioneering work in this field, Professor Gianesini has so far been the recipient of 6 international scientific awards in phlebo-lymphology.

Outside of his professional life, Professor Gianesini is a keen golfer, and also enjoys playing the piano.

At the 2018 International Veins Meeting, Professor Gianesini will be sharing his expertise by presenting on the following topics:

  • Saphenous sparing surgery – principles for those who ablate trunks
  • Radiofrequency – Segmental / bipolar or monopolar