The College of Phlebology’s 2nd annual International Veins Meeting got off to a flying start today, led by a group of the world’s leading venous experts, practitioners, and researchers.

Through a series of presentations, live sessions, and workshops, attendees were given the opportunity to learn, understand, watch and ask about a variety of venous-related conditions, as well as the pioneering endovenous techniques available to treat them – with a particular focus on leg ulcers.

To kick off proceedings, Ellie Lindsay OBE (founder of The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation and multiple award-winner),  spoke about her many years of experience caring for patients with leg ulcers, and how this led her to conceive The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation model. Her lecture concluded with a call for doctors, nurses and clinical scientists to work collaboratively in order to find better strategies for supporting, treating and empowering patients who are living or suffering with a leg ulcer.

Later in the morning, leading Vascular Surgeon and founding member of the Leg Ulcer Charity, Barrie Price, performed a live surgery to demonstrate how to treat the underlying cause of a leg ulcer. The surgery took place at an operating theatre in central London and was streamed live to a screen in the Auditorium, sponsored by AngioDynamics. Attendees were able to watch the procedure and take notes, and at the end of the session, there was an in-depth and insightful Q&A session.

Throughout the rest of the day, attendees were exposed to a mixture of insightful news and updates from the world of phlebology, including a lecture on open venous surgery in the current era from Dr. Robbie George, a discussion with Mr Amyn Haji surrounding radiofrequency ablation treatment for haemorrhoids, an assessment of deep vein disease using invasive and non-invasive techniques from Dr. David Beckett and Dr. Robbie George, and an integrated social media approach for today’s phlebologists to consider from Samuel Peek.