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Live streaming in the Auditorium from ClariVein® at The International Veins Meeting

The first live streaming session of the day was bought to the auditorium by the conference main sponsor ClariVein®
Gabriele Bertoni provided delegates with a summary of the 60 year male  patient and then handed over to Professor Mark Whiteley who was waiting to start the procedure at The Whiteley Clinic in Bond Street.
Under the guidance of Ultrasound Sonographer, Lyn Davis, delegates were able to see the ClariVein® device being pulled back 1cm every 7 seconds in the great saphenous vein. The device is based on a wire that rotates inside the vein, and sclerotherapy solution then closes the damaged vein.
Unlike laser and radiofrequency, ClariVein® only needs one local anaesthetic injection per vein treated. There is not heat used so no risk of getting burns to skin or nerves.
Via a live link microphone, Professor Whiteley was able to field questions from delegates whilst undertaking the procedure. The patient, who was asked to provide feedback throughout the procedure, said that he felt a ‘buzzing’ sensation in his leg with a little bit of stinging but no lingering discomfort. He added that he had experienced worse discomfort at the dentist!
Professor Whiteley was delighted with how the procedure went, claiming it was the ‘perfect result’.
During the question and answer session, Ultrasound Sonographer Judy Holdstock advised that the patient’s other leg had been treated on the Saturday before the conference. Subsequent scans had shown that the vein has occluded and the results were available to view if anybody would like to see them.
The ClariVein device is fully disposable, minimal invasive, and can be efficiently used in an office setting. It offers many patient benefits including minimal post-operative pain and faster recover.
If you are interested in learning more about the ClariVein® device, contact Delta Surgical ( or For all others, visit