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The 1st International Veins Meeting comes to an end, but save the date for next year!

The College of Phlebology 1st International Veins Meeting came to a close after three full days and certainly provided delegates with the opportunity to ‘learn, understand, watch and ask’.

Delegates who visited the Auditorium on the third and final day had the opportunity to watch four patient cases transmitted live from a clinic in Bond Street.

During the focus on non-thermal ablation session, Professor Mark Whiteley and Ultrasound Sonographer Tim Fernandez-Hart demonstrated the procedure using the ClariVein® System.

In a second live session sponsored by Medtronic, the clinical team used VenaSeal™ which is the only closure system that uses a proprietary medical adhesive (glue) to close the vein.

The final live demonstration of the day was sponsored by Angiodynamics and featured in the Focus on Leg Ulcer Session, which had Consultant Surgeon Barrie Price perform EndoVenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) procedure on a leg ulcer patient.

Delegates were able to interact with the clinical team via a live link microphone throughout the duration of the procedures and all question and answers were expertly mediated through a session chairperson.

Professor Mark Whiteley ended the day by thanking everybody who had been involved in making this first conference a success. In particular he thanked Ellie Lindsay OBE, founder of the Lindsay Leg Foundation, for all of the hard work she had put into making the Leg Ulcer Stream such a success.

Ellie thanked Professor Whiteley and said she felt very privileged to have been invited to attend a UK phlebology conference. She also praised the team as a true inspiration adding she would love to work with them all again. That just might be possible, because the closing slide on the huge screen in the auditorium announced 14th – 16th March 2018 as the date for next year’s conference. So save the date!

Professor Whiteley closed the Conference by stressing to delegates that they must stay in touch. The College of Phlebology is there to encourage interaction, extract feedback, learn from experiences and listen to and act on suggestions.

We will see you all next year.