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First day of the meeting comes to an end, but there is much more to see tomorrow!

The first day of the College of Phlebology 1st International Veins Meeting is complete and what a day it has been.
And was the most interesting subject left to the end of the day?  Chairwoman Veronia Palmiste Kallion certainly thought so as the focus turned to perforating veins and varicosities – the final session in the main Auditorium.
Once again the Auditorium was linked to The Whiteley Clinic in central London to live stream a TransLuminal Occlusion of Perforators (TRLOP) procedure being undertaken by Professor Mark Whiteley on a 49 year old male patient.
Supported by Ultrasound Sonographer, Angie White, and using a state-of-the- art ultrasound system, delegates were able to see the vein being destroyed as the laser was fired and withdrawn.
Delegates were able to liaise with the clinical team throughout the procedure.
The live stream was sponsored by AngioDynamics.
The session finished with an engaging interactive question and answer session.
Judy Holdstock, Charmaine Harrison and Lynn Davies took over the Science, Practical and Aesthetics Lecture Room with an afternoon ultrasound workshop. Very much driven by the delegates in what became a very interactive question and answer session. Those who wanted to participate further had a hands-on opportunity to scan patients with and without venous reflux.
Finally, the third and final session in the Leg Ulcer Charity Lecture focused on Lymphoedema and wound management techniques and devices in current practice.
Skin featured heavily during this afternoon session with Rebecca Elwell and Megan Hunter looking at common skin conditions associated with chronic oedema and skin care and lymphatics in relation to lymphoedema.
Chaired by Jacqui Fletcher, the busy session ended with a question and answer session.
The conference closed at 18.00 with delegates making their way to the evening reception cocktail party being held in the State Room located on the 5th floor of this beautiful venue, 30 Euston Square.