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Early Bird Registration now open for the 2nd International Veins Meeting!

Following on from a hugely successful 1st year we are very proud to be announcing the launch of The College of Phlebology’s 2nd International Veins Meeting.
The College of Phlebology conference will focus on one subject at a time and take it from basic understanding through to the latest advances, and show how this works in practice. Spread over 3 days, each day will concentrate on a variety of techniques including thermal ablation, non-thermal ablation, duplex scanning of pelvic veins and leg veins, pelvic vein embolisation, foam sclerotherapy and a variety of other procedures.
In other sessions you can join in the scientific discussions related to all aspects of venous diagnosis and interventions or join in with our leg ulcer stream to find out the very latest investigations and treatments for venous leg ulcers.
Last year over 200 delegates attended from over 33 countries and the feedback from all was overwhelmingly positive. Our second meeting, in March 2018, will not only have the same continuous live streaming of cases, scientific discussions and leg ulcer stream, we are also including “hands-on” training for those that wish, in many aspects of venous interventions and are also being joined by other groups and courses interested in venous anatomy, physiology and treatment.
The 2nd College of Phlebology International Veins Meeting promises to be even more educational and fun than the first. We look forward to seeing you in London in March 2018!
Early Bird Registration is now open!
Take this opportunity to register for the 2nd International Veins Meeting 2018 and take advantage of the discounted rates.
Limited tickets available until Monday 31st July only.
Don’t miss out!
Call for abstracts
We are now accepting abstracts and the committee is now looking for submissions on the following topics:
  1. Thermal Ablation
  2. Non Thermal Ablation
  3. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
  4. Wound Care
  5. Leg Ulcers
  6. Venous Reflux
  7. Diagnostic Imaging of Venous Reflux
  8. Thread, Spider, Arm, Foot & Breast Veins
  9. Veins of the Vulva, Vagina and Haemorrhoids
  10. Sclerotherapy
Deadline for submission is 10th November 2018.  Please email
And finally, if there is anything you would like to see at the next meeting in March please do not hesitate to contact us