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Daylong has recently launched a brand new website for Compression Garments.

Daylong is the number one source of compression therapy products for Patients to buy online. The new website utilises the most modern web design to deliver a unique experience for customers, patients and medical professionals alike.
Responsive  – The Daylong experience is the same whether you like to use your phone, tablet or desktop computer.
Inclusive  – Standing out against any competition meeting web accessibility guidelines to level AA standard.
Usability  – Find exactly what you want, fast.
Exciting  new videos of products using a fun catwalk style.
Enhanced  learning sections of the site with informative medical content.
UK Prescription Service. 
The website now makes it even easier to find Compression Garments that are on prescription from GP’s and nurses. The prescription can then be sent directly to Daylong and will be processed quickly. The goods will then be delivered by Freepost to wherever you like avoiding the necessity for the patient to visit a Pharmacy.
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