Spotlight on… Dr Seshadri Raju

CoP President Professor Mark Whiteley, welcomes Delegates and Faculty members to the 2nd International Veins Meeting

Less than a week to go until 2nd International Veins Meeting! Register now!

There are only six days until the 2nd International Veins Meeting!  We have 3 days of exciting and educational sessions planned which include: Live interactive scanning and operating focusing on extending Transvaginal duplex for pelvic vein reflux and obstruction, Pelvic vein embolization, Thermoablation and Non-Thermal Ablation of Venous Trunks, TRLOP closure of perforators, Ultrasound Foam sclerotherapy, […]

Our advisory board has been assembled!

In order to keep The College of Phlebology at the forefront of all vascular innovations, we have assembled an international advisory board of specialists from around the world. At launch, this includes:   Ah-Kian Ah-Chong, Hong Kong, Surgeon Abdulaziz Al-Muzaini, Kuwait, Surgeon/Radiologist Attilio Cavezzi, Italy, Surgeon Judy Holdstock, UK, Sonographer Lowell Kabnick, USA, Surgeon Edward […]

Preliminary Agenda Announced for 2nd International Veins Meeting

The conference, taking place at 30 Euston Square, London in March 2018, will provide significant insight into venous disease, male and female pelvic congestion syndrome and leg ulcers. Held over 3 days, the main stream will concentrate on one subject at a time, including thermal ablation, non-thermal ablation, pelvic vein embolisation, perforator vein disease and […]