A world leader in specialty fiber and fiber optic-based products for medical applications.

Founded in 1986 in Bonn, Germany, we are the original pioneers of diode lasers at 980nm, and global leader in the development of medical lasers and fiber optics for medical and dental applications.
Biolitec is an international corporation with facilities in several countries around the world. What makes us unique is that we make our own fiber optic preforms and manufacture the most advanced medical lasers on the market. We combine innovation with cost effectiveness to create the highest quality products for our customers.
From the launch of our comprehensive line of advanced diode laser systems in 1994 to the establishment of our own biotechnology center in Jena, Germany, taking the company public, and offering the first U.S. office-based laser urology system in 2007, biolitec continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhance the research and development of innovative techniques for the advancement of medical science.
  •     1995 – FDA clearance of 50W 980nm diode laser
  •     2003 – FDA clearance of 25W 980nm diode laser
  •     2005 – FDA clearance of 100W 980nm diode laser
  •     2007 – FDA clearance of 120W 980nm diode laser
  •     2007 – FDA clearance of 150W 980nm diode laser
  •     2009 – FDA clearance of 180W 980nm diode laser
In addition, under the CeramOptec brand, we are the leading manufacturer of specialty fiber optics for industrial and scientific applications – setting the highest standards in the industry. For more information about CeramOptec visit
Everything we do at Biolitec we do to create value for our customers, shareholders and employees.