Sponsor of The College of Phlebology 1st International Veins Meeting

Angiodynamics at CoP 1st International Veins Meeting


Angiodynamics at CoP 1st International Veins Meeting
Endovenous laser Ablation based on evidence, the optimal treatment of CVI
By choosing laser to treat the source of their varicose veins, you can tailor the treatment to meet the patient’s need, as opposed to alternative treatment methods. The technology allows you the flexibility to pull-back faster or slower, depending on the anatomy and the vein, adjust the laser settings, and treat a wide range of vein diameters.
VenaCure 1470 Laser

The VenaCure 1470 nm laser allows physicians to adjust the power settings to meet the needs of each patient. Effectively ablate veins with a targeted energy of 30-50 joules/cm at a setting of 5-7 watts.
NeverTouch Technology
The NeverTouch and NeverTouch Direct fibers allow physicians to adjust their pullback speed, depending on the patient's anatomy.
400 um Fiber
The low-profile of the 400 um fiber allows for simple access and positioning, allowing physicians to access small veins, while the 21G needle ensure easy, atraumatic access to the vein.
Visit angiodynamics.com/products/VenaCure-EVLT-System to learn more about this minimally invasive treatment option that treats the source of varicose veins.