Why was The College of Phlebology started?

40% of people suffer from vein problems - many of them without even knowing that their aches, pains, swollen ankles, discoloured skin or leg ulcers are actually due to veins not working properly in their legs. This means that although some people know they have varicose veins because they can see them, many people suffer from leg ulcers, clots in the veins, aching or swelling legs or skin damage around the ankles without even knowing that they are curable and these problems are preventable.
Phlebology means "the science or study of veins". The College of Phlebology has been set up as a worldwide College that is accessible to everybody via the Internet, to inform patients about vein problems and what can be done about them, and to educate professionals as to what the latest treatments are and give them access to advice from other experts. The College of Phlebology is an independent online college that is not associated with any other professional or regulatory body in any particular region or country. The search facility on the College of Phlebology allows anyone to find their nearest phlebologist.